Goats Milk Lotion - 4 oz.

Goats Milk Lotion - 4 oz.


Goat Milk Lotion with Honey & Shea Butter

Our lotion is high in protein, triglycerides, vitamin A, B6, B12, C & E making it an excellent natural moisturizer. Honey is a natural anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory that promotes collagen formation in the skin, while the shea butter provides a silky protective barrier.

Choose from these amazing scents! 

Cherry Almond - A classic and loved mixture of cherries and almond, an all time favorite!!

Vanilla Bean - A warm blend of fresh vanilla bean, rich caramel and soothing cream

Heavenly - A heavenly blend of hydrangea and violet with nuances of pear and musk.

Aloha - A refreshing crisp blend of coconut water and light citrus pineapple!

Oatmeal Milk N Honey - A good for you blend of oatmeal, milk, honey and almond. Great for soothing those skin irritations.

Black Raspberry Vanilla- Ripe black raspberries are mixed with dark plum and warm vanilla. 

Unscented - For those that have sensitivities to fragrances can still enjoy the wonderful benefits of this lotion!

Amber & Leaf- Warm honey and tobacco notes are brightened with hints of citrus and spice. 

Barber Shop - Masculine combination of lavender and spice combined with citrus and warm cedarwood

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